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PERSONAL TRAINING - Maximize your workout with individualized and/or group training. Work ONE-ON-ONE with a personal trainer to achieve YOUR specific wellness goals: weight loss, muscular strength, sports training, core, flexibility, accountability, and more! OR form a GROUP of 2 – 5 individuals with similar wellness goals and a personal trainer will train you together.

  • Challenge yourself with new training routines designed for you
  • Learn proper form to reduce the risk of injury
  • Stay motivated to help achieve your goals

One-on-one Instruction with a Certified Personal Trainer


1 Session:     30 Minutes $30        60 Minutes $40

4 Sessions:  30 Minutes $115        60 Minutes  $150     

8 Sessions:  30 Minutes $215       60 Minutes  $280    

12 Sessions: 30 Minutes $310      60 Minutes  $410     



1 Session:     30 Minutes $42         60 Minutes $55

4 Sessions:  30 Minutes  $160      60 Minutes  $210     

8 Sessions:  30 Minutes   $300    60 Minutes  $400     

12 Sessions: 30 Minutes   $430    60 Minutes  $575   


Purchase Personal Training packages at the branch to get set up today!

Meet Our Trainers!

Meet Ethan

Hi. My name is Ethan. I have have a background in Olympic lifting and bodybuilding. I am currently certified as a CPT through NASM as well as having obtained my Active Life Certification. With these certifications I train individuals of all abilities and ages. Whether it's pre-surgery, post surgery, or strength and conditioning, I believe I can help anyone and everyone with their goals! My method of training for myself as well as my clients is a combination of progressive overload and tempo training to strengthening the tendons and muscles, making you stronger in the joints and globally! My hobbies include, working out, reading, working on daily goals, and gaming! Reach out to me for any of your goals and look for my business cards scattered around the building!

Meet Keith Barett

Hi. My name is Keith. I have Bachelor of Science from Lock Have University where I studied Rec Management Fitness. My dream is to cultivate a culture that negates the sedentary lifestyle that so many people are damages by. I will train anyone who is willing to work and doesn't expect entertainment over committing to what works. I utilize a mixture of different training methods with one overarching goal in mind which is to be very physically capable. My hobbies include watching movies and tv (my favorite being action horror), drawing, hunting, video games, kickboxing/Jiujitsu, climbing trees, and working out. 

Meet Noah Smith

Hi. My name is Noah Smith. I'm a student at Lock Haven University where I'm going into my senior year with a major in Exercise Science. I have a passion for fitness and currently compete in bodybuilding competitions in my free time. I've built my knowledge on exercise on my own over the past 5 years and I'm still continuing to learn more in hopes to help other people achieve their fitness goals. Over the past few years I've helped my friends and family reach their fitness goals by giving them advice and putting them through workouts, so I'm excited to start my career in training with the Y. Some non-fitness fun facts about me; I'd consider myself a movie/tv show nerd, I played in my high school's marching band and drum line all 4 years of high school, and I love all animals and have my own cat. 

Ashley Bell

Hi. My name is Ashley Bell and I am a Certified Personal Trainer. I am on a mission to help you reach new limits, be stronger, and more confident! I specialize in strength training and cardio programs. I love helping women build healthy and safe exercise habits to improve their quality of life!