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PERSONAL TRAINING - Maximize your workout with individualized and/or group training. Work ONE-ON-ONE with a personal trainer to achieve YOUR specific wellness goals: weight loss, muscular strength, sports training, core, flexibility, accountability, and more! OR form a GROUP of 2 – 3 individuals with similar wellness goals and a personal trainer will train you together.

  • Challenge yourself with new training routines designed for you
  • Learn proper form to reduce the risk of injury
  • Stay motivated to help achieve your goals

One-on-one Instruction with a Certified Personal Trainer


1 Session:    1/2 Hour  $35       45 Minutes  $40       1 Hour  $45

7 Sessions:   1/2 Hour  $205     45 Minutes  $235     1 Hour  $270

12 Sessions: 1/2 Hour  $340    45 Minutes  $395     1 Hour  $450


1 Session:    1/2 Hour  $45       45 Minutes  $50       1 Hour  $55

7 Sessions:   1/2 Hour  $285     45 Minutes  $320     1 Hour  $355

12 Sessions: 1/2 Hour  $465    45 Minutes  $520     1 Hour  $575

***$20 Consultation for all first time participants. 

Purchase Personal Training packages online or in the branch. Please contact Nikki to get setup with a Personal Trainer today!

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Small Group Instruction with a Certified Personal Trainer

2 or 3 Individuals, each individual pays the fee.

7 - 45 Minute Sessions: Members:  $140    Non-Members:  $156

12 - 45 Minutes Sessions: Members: $245    Non-Members: $270

Contact Nikki to get started with small group training and she'll get you set up with a Personal Trainer!


Meet Our Trainers!

Meet Rob Chambers

Rob is a certified personal trainer new to the YMCA’s training team but eager to help individuals on their fitness journey.  Rob appreciates the challenges that staying fit and healthy proposes at all ages and is dedicated to helping anyone fend off our common foe…. Father Time. Aging gracefully is obtainable.  His focus is on functional strength and injury prevention. Outside of fitness, Rob’s focus is on his family, including his two dogs and two cats and spending time in the outdoors creating memories to last a lifetime. 

Meet Erin chambers

Erin Chambers is a Certified Personal Trainer dedicated to helping individuals reach their personal fitness goals.  She is passionate about motivating and inspiring people to push their boundaries, realize what their body and mind are capable of, all while reaching achievable realistic and obtainable goals. She is looking forward to working with you on your personal fitness journey into finding health, strength, confidence and most importantly, happiness! In Erin’s enjoys spending time with her family, her two Labrador retrievers, and exploring the outdoors.  You may also see her at the YMCA working out, teaching a Boot Camp class, or working with cancer survivors in the LIVESTRONG at the YMCA Program.

Meet Abbey Shrom

Abbey Shrom is a certified Personal Trainer through ACE and  Nutrition Coach through NASM. She has years of experience working with clients, both in the gym and in the kitchen, as well! She works with her clients to find the balance between food, fitness, and overall personal balance. It is her mission to help you build that "recipe" for growth and personal wellness.

During her years, working professionally in restaurants, she found it hard to balance work hours, stresses of work and life, and a love for great food, along with a love for fitness. With the right mentorship and training, she was able to find this and help others, too. She was able to do this by leading running groups through Philadelphia, teaching cooking classes in restaurants and in private homes, and leading fitness classes and personal training.

Now Abbey lives in Williamsport with her son, dog, and bunny. While working for the Central PA Food Bank, she keeps her involvement with feeding others, while still getting involved through the YMCA. Abbey loves her community and people. She would love to meet you, give you a tour of the YMCA, and hear more about your goals for wellness.