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PERSONAL TRAINING - Maximize your workout with individualized and/or group training. Work ONE-ON-ONE with a personal trainer to achieve YOUR specific wellness goals: weight loss, muscular strength, sports training, core, flexibility, accountability, and more! 

  • Challenge yourself with new training routines designed for you
  • Learn proper form to reduce the risk of injury
  • Stay motivated to help achieve your goals

One-on-one Instruction with a Certified Personal Trainer


1 Session:            45 Minutes  $20       1 Hour  $25

10 Sessions:       45 Minutes  $160     1 Hour  $200


1 Session:           45 Minutes  $30       1 Hour  $35

10 Sessions:      45 Minutes  $240     1 Hour  $280

Meet Tasha Pratt

My name's Tasha Pratt and I'm the Wellness Director and personal trainer at the Tioga County Branch YMCA. Fitness has always been a passion of mine. My first love was karate where I achieved my 3rd degree black belt. As I got older I fell in awe of power lifting. I encourage everyone to love themselves and understand why the body functions the way it does so self respect is also grown. I don't believe in one size fits all fitness so I love finding what motivates my clients. If you find love in your fitness journey and passion in the day to day of it the body will come. My biggest passion here at the Y is my Women's intro to lifting. I love showing women heavy things don't have to hold them back. My over all goal is to empower women not by changing their bodies but by showing them they can always do more than they think they can. That barriers are just things that are meant to be moved. Once we break that mental barrier the progress my clients see is awe inspiring. 

You can contact me via email 

Or phone 570-662-2999 ext 503

Hey guys! I'm Wyatt and I'm one of the newer trainers at the Tioga County Branch YMCA. I work here seasonally (November 1st - April 1st) as I own a summer season based business. Fitness is my passion, and I love helping people get on the right path for an amazing body transformation. Whether you're crazy skinny (like I used to be), or looking to lose a little bit of weight, I can get you on the right path to reach your goals! My #1 priority is to help you feel more confident in yourself and to give you more confidence in the gym. Here's my number to get you started. Call or text 570-439-7409.